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MoMAZoZo has teamed up with Joan & Warren Malkerson to establish the:

Carrizozo Colony Artist-in-Residence Program


Carrizozo, New Mexico, 88301

Mission : The Mission of the Carrizozo Colony AIR is to provide individual artists space and time to focus  on chosen projects in the arts. With a broad definition of ‘artist,’ the Carrizozo Colony is open to a wide a variety of artistic mediums and creative ventures.  The residency promises solitude as well as interaction with the Carrizozo community.  The distinctive topography, varied life zones, and multicultural archeology of South Central New Mexico afford a unique connection with the land.

History: In 2015 Warren & Joan Malkerson and MoMAZoZo combined their efforts to create the Carrizozo Colony AIR.

Warren and Joan Malkerson founded Gallery 408 on Twelfth Street in 2005.  Joan, a painter, envisioned Carrizozo with a growing art community and wanted to add to its diversity and quality.  The Malkersons purchased and renovated several buildings on Twelfth Street to accommodate that vision.  The Lutz Building built in 1917, a prominent two story building on Twelfth Street, is now the location of the studios for artists and the Artists in Residence.

Paula Wilson and Mike Lagg similarly opened  their living and working art space called MoMAZoZo in 2008. This unique space considers free-form artistic living and promotes an ethical attitude toward the environment. They are currently renovation a suite of buildings including a hotel, brewery, and theater.

Location: Historic Carrizozo is a small railroad town of 900 people in the High Desert Plains of New Mexico. Located in the Tularosa Basin, it is surround by mountains on three side with a volcanic field to the west. It is a 2-3 hour drive to the urban centers of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruses. The town boasts, three restaurants, a coffee shop, two gas stations, a laundromat, a yoga class, four city parks, a community garden, and a municipal airport. Art venues and museums comprise of: Gallery 408, Heart of the Raven Clay, Tularosa Basin Photography Gallery, MoMAZoZo, and The Heritage Museum. Day trips include White Sands National Monument, Three Rivers Petroglyphs, Root Mud Springs, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, Ruidoso’s Ski Apache and Casino, The Valley of Fire, Bosque del Apache,  New Mexico Museum of Space History, The Toy Train Depot, Smokey the Bear Museum, Hurd Gallery,  historic Lincoln, White Oaks, The Trinity Site (open only on the first Saturday in April and October), Truth or Consequences (hot springs), and Roswell.

Carrizozo has no public transportation. To take full advantage of the area a car is preferable. We will discuss transportation options with accepted residents. Artists in Residence are responsible for their own transportation. Cell phone reception is good in town, but the Carrizozo Colony does not provide Internet. We suggest enabling a hot spot or other transportable WiFi.

Facilities: The Carrizozo Colony offers accommodation and studio facilities.

The Casita: The Casita is located behind Gallery 408 on Twelfth Street. This location puts the artist in the center of town with necessities within walking distance. This residence is a small adobe, three hundred and fifty square feet, with a kitchen, bath, and a bedroom with one full and one single bed. This residence is comfortably furnished including appliances, linens, and kitchenware.  Rent, repairs, utilities, and maintenance costs are borne by the program. No smoking or pets please.


The Studios:  The studios available in the Carrizozo Colony vary in size and function. The artist’s statement of intent will determine which studio will be provided. The primary studio spaces are located on the second floor of the historic Lutz Building on Twelfth street.

Exhibitions: The Carrizozo Colony is open to facilitating exhibitions in one of two galleries in Carrizozo if the artist is interested:  Malkerson Gallery 408, or The Tularosa Basin Photography Gallery.

Application: Please email us at to receive an application.

The Residence Program encourages couples, collaborative teams, friends, and spouses to design their time together in Carrizozo. Please submit only one application per grouping. Keep in mind that the casita is small, as described above.


I am a video artist, do you accept film makers?

Yes! The Carrizozo Colony is open to a variety of artistic mediums with a broad definition of ‘artist.’ Mediums include but are not limited to: painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, installation, film, sculpture, book arts, design, sound, and performance as well as the literary arts.

What is the cost of the Carrizozo Colony?

There is no cost for attending the Carrizozo Colony. The resident provides their own transportation, supplies, Internet, and food during the residency.

We look forward to your questions!

Contact Information

Paula Wilson:, Joan Malkerson: 612-850-4030,



In the Carrizozo Colony’s pilot year of 2016 we are thrilled to have welcomed 10 artists from diverse backgrounds and artists mediums.

Jimena Gracia, Mexico City, Mexico, February 1-March 15th, 2016

‘I walked everywhere because I went without a car. Everyone welcomed me with arms wide open. One of the main joys about my time in the desert is that feeling of a punctuated extension. The visual reminder that you could be anywhere but you’re here that is characteristic of wide open plains.’ -Jimena Gracia

Meagan Boyd & Rhea Tepp, Los Angeles, CA, April 1-May 1, 2016

Anya Wild, Eugene, OR, July 26 – August 16th, 2016

Jeepneys & Sister Mantos, Los Angeles, CA, Summer TBA, 2016

Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Oakland, CA, August 18-September 9, 2016

Caitlin Shepherd, Bristol, UK, October 15-November 15, 2016

Dani Leventhal & Sheilah Wilson, Columbus, OH, November 22-December 22, 2016


MoMAZoZo Live/Work is an invitational program that provides housing and studio space for artists working in any media during the months of August, September, and October. Residency periods are flexible and based on availability (minimum residency period one month, maximum three). Artist time is unscheduled, however we encourage participation in MoMAZoZo hour on Fridays from 12-1, Friday group dinners hosted by Carrizozo community members, and Saturday day trips (see list of sites below). Wood, print, and sewing shops are on site. MoMAZoZo does not provide a stipend or travel expenses.

Carrizozo is a small railroad town of 900 people in the high desert plains of New Mexico. The town is surrounded by mountains to the north, south, and east with a lava field to the west. It is a 2-3 hour drive to the urban centers of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruses. The town boasts a grocery store, ice cream parlor, five restaurants, a food cart, two gas stations, a gallery, clay studio, photography gallery, historic museum, five parks, and an airport. Day trips include White Sands National Monument, Three Rivers Petroglyphs, Root Mud Springs, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, Ruidoso’s Ski Apache and Casino, The Valley of Fire, historic Lincoln, White Oaks, and Roswell.

Special Thanks to Warren and Joan Malkerson

Studio space is available on the second floor of the Historic Lutz Building in addition to our MoMAZoZo annex.

(above photo: Richard T. Bryant)

Rick Geary, Graphic Artist, Carrizozo resident

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