PAST: Another Day in Paradise, A Home Exhibitions of Mike Lagg and Paula Wilson, 2011

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.doc Press Release: Another Day In Paradise

Mike Lagg and Paula Wilson will open their home and garden Friday, August 5th, 6pm, for an exhibition of recent work. Lagg, a woodworker and kinetic sculptor, will show pieces spanning two decades. Featuring one-of-a-kind furniture, lamps, doors, and sculptures made from a variety of hardwoods and local pine. Engineering moving parts is quintessential to Lagg’s creative practice; viewers will enjoy the playful interchange of levers, latches, rollers, and gears, often made entirely of wood. Lagg’s architecturally innovate micro/modular studio made for Paula will also be open, quite literally, as its front wall unhinges and swings agape.

Wilson is a renowned painter and print-maker working with collage and faux finishing techniques. Her style employs explosive colorations and patterning with a poignant mix of multicultural and art-historical references. Wilson aims, in her work, to exalt the base and highlight the marginal. Reoccurring themes include pigeons, scraps from her artistic production, and “feminine handiwork” such as quilting and sewing. In addition, her recent work re-imagines painting’s place on the wall, removing the ubiquitous stretcher bars, Wilson’s canvases hang more like scrolls or weavings. Her collaboration with Lagg produced “floor paintings” and “room screens” which are literally walked on or propped up as room dividers.

Lagg and Wilson use their home and garden as a fulcrum for their collaborations. They have been working together for three years landscaping, creating custom woodwork and murals, as well as building spaces for their fish, pigeons, chickens, and dog. They live and work on three basic principles: don’t buy it if you can make/grow it, walk the paths that you create, and enjoy living and using not preserving and displaying. Their adobe fits the Carrizozo vernacular with its do-it-yourself, recycled vibe. They tout low-tech green solutions like their outdoor solar shower and sink, a cloths line direct to the washroom, and rain catchments pond.

Their home is on 212 Birch St., (across from the Catholic Church on “the other side of the tracks”) in Carrizozo, New Mexico. This exhibition made possible in by MoMAZoZo.

Mike Lagg's frog chairs

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