PAST: Big Bugs, Jeepneys, and Archaea play Carrizozo, July 23rd, 2012

An Epic Event: BIG BUGS from Junction City, CA, THE JEEPNEYS from Oakland, CA, and Archaea from Albuquerque, NM converged in Carrizozo, New Mexico, on Monday, July 23rd,  blasting music on both sides of the tracks.

BIG BUGS: "I don't want your money... you can suck your own dick."

Rad Key of BIG BUGS

Over thirty people attended to hear Rad Key (Amelia Radtke), the front vocalist in BIG BUGS, begin: “Like a hunter, you will cum/come when you hear me screaming, Ohhh Ahhh,” her voice undulating over Di Carlo’s tribal electronica. The open air concert was organized by MoMAZoZo. A few attendees worried the cops might arrive because the music was bombastic. BIG BUGS played songs equal parts dreamscape and satire, with hypnotic melodies: “Deep inside of you, you are mountain” and “I’m Moving to LA”; both lines delivered like a new realization. Earthy and computerized, BIG BUGS performed their songs in identical skin-tight white dresses with yellow neon sashes bought at a cheap clothing store chain. This staging, much like their music, pokes fun at our culture while  reflecting our norms. As if to say: “Why worry if you are wearing the same outfit as someone at a party… we live in a mass produced world, you might as well embrace it.” BIG BUGS tunes are catchy and challenging, the ‘chorus’ from their most memorable song “I don’t wan cho money … you can suck your own dick” became an infectious sentiment amongst the crowd.

Anna Luisa Petrisko of The Jeepneys

Anna in Space


Anna Luisa Petrisko of The Jeepneys

The Jeepneys took the stage next bringing deep, masterful, and dancey vibes to Carrizozo. The international and futuristic Anna Luisa Petrisko received big cheers from the audience: “That Jeepney girl was outstanding,” said Susan Goewey, a local Zozozian. “She was so free and the way she moved was so enchanting.” Petrisko’s flexible voice moves from a high throat-focused chant to low diaphragm-heavy melodies taking us on a culturally diverse and playfully integrated journey of sounds. It felt that the music wasn’t being performed, but rather the performance was making the music; hands raised, hips sway, and the chimes tingle. Herman the Bull lured us with a steady beat and dug a deep well of sound. In it the “beep beep”is delivered like a car’s horn but moves ever so slowly into the “be-coming the beat”– a hypnotic call of arms. The Jeepneys also make videos and art which was evident in the visually integrated performance. Petrisko is currently enrolled in CalArts’ Musical Arts masters program.

Nathan New, of Archaea, settled onstage last and ended the night with a roaring dance party. He asked the crowd if there were any Game of Thrones fans out there and proceeded to mix an energetic beat amongst the song’s harps, cello, and violins. A Dillon Francis piece was next with it’s popping and whirling sirens. Night had fallen and song after song had more and more people moving their bodies and shaking their asses. “It was like some hedonistic, end of the world dance party.” said Julia Kaulkbrenner. The swirling dancers applauded Archaea wildly. Nathan grew-up in White Oaks, NM and has played before in Lincoln County but this crowd was a true home town performance. If a DJ is judged by their ability to tear the roof down, Archaea took this open air concert into the stratosphere.

4 thoughts on “PAST: Big Bugs, Jeepneys, and Archaea play Carrizozo, July 23rd, 2012

  1. WOWOWOWOW! Mad love is beaming out of me right now. So thrilled to be able to share this experience with you all. I still haven’t been able to wash the dirt out of my clothes from when I became possessed on the “dancefloor.” We’ll definitely be back. Kisses, Hugs, Peace and Blessings from Jeepneys!

  2. Great pictures ,so glad I was there. Fabulous concert, thanks for giving me words to discribe the amazing body/ vocal art. Loved it. Way to go Mike, for holding your own with all that incredible feminine energy. MomaZozo Rocks big time.

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