Tyson’s Halftrack, October 18th, 2013

Brooklyn artist Tyson Skross and London writer Greg Nay conceived and executed ‘Kronos,’ a plywood sculpture produced and installed on the Pino Ranch outside of Carrizozo, New Mexico. The project was funded with the help of 51 kickstarter backers. “The conceptual origin of this shape came from a model kit of a German World War II Halftrack.┬áThe raw shell of this vehicle has a skull like structure and was one of the first things that drew Tyson in.” The piece functions less as a stand-alone art work and more as an idea given form. Skross was able to scale-up the Halftrack from his earlier and smaller studio versions into a commanding form, allowing his open-ended fascination with this form to undergo a metamorphosis in the open desert.

(All ‘Kronos’ photos: Ray Dean)

Pino Ranch


Greg Nay(left) and Tyson Skross (right)

Kronos standing on end

This week we also visited with multimedia artist Sandy Hartley at her home in Nogal, New Mexico. She served us delicious tea from this plant whose name escapes me, its beautiful fall colors are displayed in the picture below.


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