PAST:LIVE MUSIC, Big Bugs returns with AquaMarinez and DreamboatCrusaderz, November 12th, 2012

The Difference In Music

By Milu Abel

(This article first appeared in the Ruidoso Free Press, November 20, 2012.)

Visualize seeing Big Bugs, Dreamboat Crusaders, and AquaMarinez all coming together in the small town of Carrizozo. Now if you are picturing humongous tarantulas, people sailing on our many open bodies of water with mermaids tagging along, you would be just a bit off in your imagery.
On Nov. 12, three different bands stopping in from California and New York came to play in the small town of Carrizozo while on tour.
“We love playing in places like this, this is everything for us. I always play in New York, and it doesn’t always feel as good as this feels. It feels so, I don’t know… real.” said Marina Benedetto band member of the AquaMarinez. “We love to create spaces for everyone to be creative and not feel like you have to fit in to a certain group. No pressure to make money or anything like that, just to have fun.” said Jessie Gold, band member of the Dreamboat Crusaders. “I love to go on mental adventures… even better when other people join me.” said Jesse Marie Di Carlo-Wagner, band member of the Big Bugs.


“I am focusing more on the visual side of the performance to make it more interesting, more of an all-around art project.” said Amelia Juniper Radtke band member of the Big Bugs. “I’m really into taking people into different places, mentally. Like if you are at a show and put into a trance, that is what I try to do with my music.” said Gold. “I want to portray freedom and things that are way bigger than us and our lives.” said Benedetto.

aqua marinez


“I feel like if you’re coming from a more disenfranchised place, a place of more exclusion or oppression. It is harder to get out there. I would say that music is more of a straight white man’s world, so I’m really into putting on shows where it is queer people, women, you know a place that we can share with each other and also just build and grow in a climate where it is without judgment and exclusion.” said Gold.

This is the third Live Music party put on my Paula Wilson and Mike Lagg, they expect to host more musicians strolling through town in the near future. Please check their website: for upcoming musical and artistic events.

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“I’ll be honest, their music is a little ‘out there’ for me. But at the same time consciousness enhancing.” Jim Boswell, Local Zozozian.

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Big Bugs,

Dreamboat Crusaderz




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